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Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893)

 Portrait, Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison

23rd President of the United States
(March 4, 1889 to March 3, 1893

Nicknames: "Kid Gloves Harrison"; "Little Ben"

Born: August 20, 1833, in North Bend, Ohio
Died: March 13, 1901, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Father: John Scott Harrison

Mother: Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin Harrison
Married: Caroline Lavinia Scott (1832-1892), on October 20, 1853; Mary Scott Lord Dimmick (1858-1948), on April 6, 1896
Children: Russell Benjamin Harrison (1854-1936); Mary Scott Harrison (1858-1930); Elizabeth Harrison (1897-1955)

Religion: Presbyterian
Education: Graduated from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio (1852)
Occupation: Lawyer
Political Party: Republican
Other Government Positions:

  • United States Senator, 1881-87

Presidential Salary: $50,000/year

Vice President Levi P. Morton (1889-93)


Secretary of State
James G. Blaine (1889-92)
John W. Foster (1892-93)
Secretary of the Treasury
William Windom (1889-91)
Charles Foster (1891-93)
Secretary of War
Redfield Proctor (1889-91)
Stephen B. Elkins (1891-93)
Attorney General
William H. H. Miller (1889-93)
Postmaster General
John Wanamaker (1889-93)
Secretary of the Navy
Benjamin F. Tracy (1889-93)
Secretary of the Interior
John W. Noble (1889-93)
Secretary of Agriculture
Jeremiah M. Rusk (1889-93)