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BIBLE STUDY: Have You Ever Seen A Ghost?

Have You Ever Seen A Ghost? Can you talk to the spirits of those who have died? Do Ouiji (pronounced “wee gee”) Boards really work? Do our dead relatives watch over us from the afterlife? Can the dead have any influence in the world of the living? Let’s see what the Bible has to say on the matter!

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I grew up in the 1960’s America when popular early morning T.V. entertainment included cartoons like, “Casper The Friendly Ghost” (created in the late 1930’s, first released by Paramount in 1945, and became an icon of Saturday morning children entertainment from 1962 until the mid 1990’s). In these cartoons, children are led to believe that Casper is the ghost of a dead boy. Casper, we soon learn; is much different from the other adult ghosts he lives with inside an old broken down haunted house. Unlike all the other ghosts who enjoy scaring the living; Casper just wants to make friends with the animals and people he meets in each episode! Then there were late night T.V. shows such as “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” (1968-1970), which were based on a 1947 film by the same name. The series featured a young widow with two children, a housekeeper, and a dog; who rents an old house in Maine. The storyline follows the characters as they learn to deal with a haunting from the house’s former owner, a 19 th century sea captain. Both these shows were designed to make America, and especially her children, more tolerant and understanding of familiar spirits; because after all, we might one day become one ourselves, haunting our old neighborhoods too!

We must ask ourselves here, just how grounded in reality were these television shows? More importantly, just how grounded in Biblical Truth are they? We better find out!

Today’s Bible Study is designed to complement our Study: “What Does Jesus Christ Say About You And Your Children Observing Halloween?” You can find it at

Then there is the “Ouiji Board”, which is also known as a spirit board or a talking board. This “toy”, was introduced to us by a businessman, in July of 1890, and was regarded as a harmless parlor game until “spiritualists” made it popular as a divining tool during the First World War. With the founding of Hasbro in 1923, which quickly became one of the largest toy making companies in the world (they also own: Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, and Playskool, among other labels), the stage was set for America’s embracing of the occult! Following on the heels of smash hits like, “Mr. Potato Head” (1952), and the original “G.I. Joe” Action Figure (1964), the “Ouija” Board (a Hasbro trademark) would soon become an American board game favorite, “Boy Oh Boy! It’s A Hasbro Toy!” (1968).

Countless T.V. shows and films have since featured its use, making the “communion with the dead”, an almost required rite of passage for America’s youth today! This very frequently occurs, even in the basements and bedrooms of “Christian” households; despite many mainstream religious organizations associating the use of an Ouija board, with the very real threat of demonic possession!

Does The Bible Speak About Ghosts?

What happens to us when we die? Do we become a “ghost” (Psalm 146:4 / Ecclesiastes 9:4-6, 10)? The Word of God is VERY CLEAR, about when we die:

- When we stop breathing, in the day that we die, our thoughts STOP, they perish (Psalm 146:4)!

- There is hope ONLY in the living; death does NOT bring about positive change (Ecclesiastes 9:4)!

- It is BETTER to be a dog and ALIVE, than a lion and dead (Ecclesiastes 9:4)!

- When we are alive, we can think, plan and reason. We know that death is our final destination; we have all of our lives to accomplish things, to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We develop memories that last a lifetime, only during our lifetime!!! The dead on the other hand, cannot even think or hold a thought, they can do NOTHING; they in fact, have lost EVERYTHING, along with their life! Even the very memory of who and what they were, perishes when the body and the mind dies (Ecclesiastes 9:5)!

- ALL emotion dies along with your body and mind; it perishes, it is destroyed! The dead have NO comprehension of what happens in the world of the living (under the sun); they certainly CANNOT watch over their loved ones, because their ability to LOVE is perished, just like their thoughts and their bodies have perished (Ecclesiastes 9:6)!

- Whatever we desire to do, we must do it all BEFORE we die; because there is absolutely NOTHING IN THE GRAVE, to do, or think, or be… but be dead, and return to the dust from where we came (Ecclesiastes 9:7-10 / Genesis 3:19 / Ecclesiastes 3:20 / Psalm 103:14 / Ecclesiastes 7:2, 12:7)!

Despite the CLEAR teachings from the very Word of God, people still persist, and insist, in wanting to believe that they saw their dead grandma or child – sitting in their favorite chair, or playing with their favorite toy, long after their bodies gave up their physical lives. This simply cannot happen according to the Word of God (Job 7:9-10 / Mark 7:13)! Casper the ghost is a lie, designed for our kids, in order to hide the Truth of God’s Great Plan to raise everyone from the dead at their appointed times! 

God does not mince words! When we die that is it! We do, say, or think NOTHING until we come out of our grave in one of two end-time Resurrections (Revelations 20:4-6).

What About Accounts Of people Seeing Their Dead Relatives?

I personally saw my dead grandfather sitting on a couch, wearing his glasses, in a room full of people, who were there to mourn my Grandfather’s passing; three days after his death, when I was 15 years old! But did I really see my Grandfather who was dead, or did I see something else; something else that was PRETENDING to be my Grandfather? Again, we must look to the Word of God if we do not want to be deceived!

Seeing IS NOT - Believing! Satan and his demons will lie to you!

If the dead really don’t die, and immediately float away, up into heaven; that would be really UNFAIR to those of us are left here to suffer in this evil world! Why should some people get to enjoy a life of eternal bliss, floating on the clouds with Jesus, getting to “pop-in” and visit those of us still stuck on earth – at will; when you and I have to struggle with all the hardships associated with a mortal existence? God is a just God, and the previous scenario, if true, would mean God was treating some of us better than the rest of us! That cannot happen! God is NOT a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34 / Deuteronomy 1:17, 10:17 / 2 Chronicles 19:7 / Job 34:19 / Acts 10:33, 15:9 / Romans 2:11 / Romans 3:29 / Galatians 2:6 / Ephesians 6:9 / Colossians 3:25 / James 2:1, 9 / 1 Peter 1:17). God is FAIR, and JUST, and TRUE to His Word! We will all receive eternal life (those of us called out into the body of Christ, in this life), but ONLY at the Second Coming of Jesus… and NOT before (1 Corinthians 15:20-23, 33-38, 40-45, 50-55)! When you are dead you are dead, and you don’t know anything, or do anything, UNTIL Christ returns!

Only Jesus can and will raise the dead, and Jesus is only going to do that at His Second Coming (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)!

So What Are Ghosts then, Really?

If you believe God’s Word is True; then you KNOW the dead are dead! But you also know God created other spirit beings called angels (34 of the 66 Books in the Bible refer to angels)! These angels were created to be servants of the Most High God, and to “us” also, who have the privilege of speaking God’s Word and are “the Voice of His Word” (Psalm 103:20-22). Angels were made with spiritual bodies (Hebrews 1:7), and their job is to minister to humans who are the heirs of salvation (Hebrews 1:13-14).

But then there was Satan, the most powerful and perfect angel created, until he sinned against God (Ezekiel 28:11-17 / Isaiah 14:12-17 / Luke 10:18). Satan corrupted one third of all the angels of God (demons), which were also cast down to the earth by God at Satan’s fall (Revelation 12:4, 17). The demons or fallen angels were divided by God into two groups: the first is still bound up and prevented from influencing mankind at this present time (2 Peter 2:4 / Jude 1:6 / Revelation 9:14). Satan and the rest of his demons are the ones we need to be concerned about. They are deceitful and they influence men by promoting false concepts and doctrines about God’s Truth and His Plan of Salvation (1 Timothy 4:1-3 / 2 Corinthians 4:4, 11:13-15 / Luke 8:12). Satan and his demons will promote false teachings among believers (1 John 4:1-4), they do not want you to know the Truth, that the dead sleep in Christ until the Resurrection (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).

The Bible is clear that demons fill many roles. But the one that we will focus on here is in the role of a familiar spirit, or that of a fallen angel of God, impersonating a dead human being (Deuteronomy 18:11 / Isaiah 19:3). Familiar spirits are very common today being summoned by those playing Ouija boards, used by “channelers” who say that are allowing dead people to speak through them, and are the objects of admiration for many occult groups. Acts 16:16-19 gives us a clear example of this type of demon possession. Here, when Paul delivered the spirit from the woman, she lost her ability to tell fortunes.

Prior to the First World War, I had several family members who were into occult practices. They had friends who regularly went to India to seek mystics and fortune tellers, coming back with insights into the future that on occasion proved to be correct – but not always, 100 percent of the time (Deuteronomy 18:9-14, 20-22 / Jeremiah 28:9 / Ezekiel 33:33)! When the war broke out these same folks returned to India; they were sorely disappointed to find that their favorite fortunetellers had lost their “magic” as it were. One of the local enchanters told them, “We cannot help you anymore; all of our spirits have left us. They have all gone to Europe to go fight in the Great War!” Interesting… demons leaving enchanters, witches, wizards, and consulters of familiar spirits; all to go to combat and to be with men killing other men (John 10:10)! Satan and his demons are polar opposites of what God and Christ have in store for us!   

Demons, like Satan, enjoy leading men away from God’s Truth. They have been around for thousands of years, since creation. They “know” things no other living human could know; so it is easy for them to pretend to be a dead relative, and to “share” information that only a deceased person should or could know! Occult practices like channeling, psychic readings, palm reading, tarot cards, the Ouija board, and the like, invite demons to control the human body with the sole purpose to deceive men and lead them astray from the Plan and Purpose of God! That is why God forbids these practices among His people!

In the book, “Heaven Is For Real”, authored by a Nebraska Pastor, who claims to tell the “true story” of his then 4 year-old son, Colton; who during emergency surgery, slips from consciousness and enters into heaven to meet Jesus and His horse, God the Father (Whom Scripture says we humans will not see until Revelation 21:1-8 [Matthew 11:27-30]), and the Holy Spirit (which Scripture shows is not a personality of the Godhead of the Father and Son [John 1:1-5], and which is a gift [Acts 2:38], and is the power of God [Acts 1:7-8 / Jeremiah 10:12-14 / Genesis 1:1-8] given to those who are baptized in the name of Jesus).

Colton also visits his miscarried sister (Revelation 20:5 / Acts 2:29, 34-36 / Ezekiel 37:21-28 / John 6:35, 40, 50-58) and grandfather. Jesus Himself was extremely clear, ALL people must first EAT Christ’s flesh, or partake of His Body (bread) at Passover – as a converted Christian, and HAVE God’s Holy Spirit within them – received at Baptism; in order to be raised up at the last day (John 6:52-54)!

Today Colton’s father (Pastor and author), without any Biblical or Scriptural support, contradicts the very Words of Christ – in print, and leads many ignorant of God’s Truth away from salvation with cute and fancy lies. God has a plan to raise all who have died, in one of two great resurrections. I pray we all heed Peter and Paul’s warning not to be led away with the ERROR of the WICKED, and fall from our own steadfastness to God’s Written Word (2 Peter 3:13-18 / Galatians 1:1-12)!

Christians have an advantage over Satan and his demons – We know the Truth!!! Paul tells us that Satan cannot tempt a believer except by God’s permission (Job 1:10 / 1 John 5:18), and that we must put on the whole Armour of God so that we may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil (Ephesians 6:10-20). John teaches us that Satan and his demons cannot stand the blood of Christ, nor the Christian’s testimony (Revelation 12:7-11). God’s Truth allows us to overcome the lies and the falsehoods of Satan! We are under His Divine protection!

So the Next time someone around you says they saw a ghost, or were visited by a dead relative; it is our job as a Christian, not only to be aware of the temptations of Satan and his demons, but we MUST also point them out to others who may be ignorant of the devil’s schemes! Often times, simply showing and proving to others, from scriptures in their Bible; that the dead do not, and cannot come back to life from the grave, that psychic readings, horoscopes, tarot cards, channeling or Ouija boards are wrong -  will help keep someone from falling prey to Satan’s lies (1 Peter 5:8-11). Then they can embrace God’s wonderful Truth about the wonderful world to come, and the way God says the dead will really come back to life (Ezekiel 37:1-14)!!!

Jesus is going to raise EVERY person who has ever lived from the grave, in their due time, according to His Plan; but NOT according to your plan, and not according to your minister’s plan (1 Corinthians 15:20-23). Then EVERYONE will learn God’s Truth, in the flesh, on this earth; because the very True Words of Christ have spoken it so (Matthew 5:5, 6:10 / Revelation 22:20)!!!

God has given you and I divine knowledge of His Plan and how His Kingdom really works; it is our job to go out into the world and Preach and Teach that Truth to all mankind (Matthew 10:1, 5-15; 28:18-20 / Mark 16: 15-20). Halloween is a perversion of The Last Great Day, the great fall harvest of all mankind! You and I must be a bright light during this time of year, radiating brilliantly the real reason demons and the fall harvest will never occur together (Revelation 20:10-13). The Second Resurrection occurs AFTER Satan and his demons are forever banished in the lake of fire! But we negate this Truth when we celebrate the perversion of one of God’s Great Holy Days; when we celebrate and participate in Halloween (Jeremiah 10:1-2)! “Thus saith the LORD, ‘Learn NOT the way of the heathen!!!’ ”

Now you know the Biblical TRUTH about what ghosts and familiar spirits really are; now you know what really happens to us when we die – and the tremendous Promise Jesus makes to us; to QUICKEN us all again!!! Amen!

Please take the time to review our video: The TRUTH About Halloween at It is worth the watch! Please share it among your friends too!

We are honored that you joined us today in the Study of God’s Word! To Our Great God Be The Glory; In Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name!                                     - submitted by R. C. Brown III

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