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BIBLE STUDY: The LORD’s Passover (Part 3) How Can I Know I Am Keeping It On The Correct Day?

According to the Prophet Daniel, ONLY God is Authorized to change The Times and Seasons, which God Created to TEACH mankind God’s Ways and God’s Plans (Daniel 2:19-22)!!! Did you know we are commanded to EXACTLY Follow God’s Holy Day Calendar (Deuteronomy 12:32)? It’s so important, that we have attached a copy of God’s Calendar (projected out until the year 2026) to this Bible Study (also available on-line at! Daniel also said that in The End-Times, the beast (or Satan’s Government) would be so bold, it would change God’s Times and God’s Laws against what the Most High has Ordained! Satan has already done what Daniel warned us against (Daniel 7:23 & 25)! But can you see it?

Passover is Observed this year, by God’s Elect, at Sundown, on Thursday, 29 March, 2018 A.D. Now let us PROVE that from the Bible alone (1 Thessalonians 5:21 / Isaiah 28:9-10)!!!

This study is continued from:

BIBLE STUDY: The LORD’s Passover (Part 1) Why Do Christians Still Keep It Today?

and from:

BIBLE STUDY: The LORD’s Passover (Part 2) - Why do Christians still keep it today?

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We encourage you to go back and study the scriptures contained within the first two lessons if you have not already done so.

Bible Study Instructions: One Nation Under God Ministries ( publishes and distributes weekly Bible Studies, worldwide – free of charge, to anyone who requests them, in both printed and electronic formats. Our Studies are intended to be a simple and fun way to learn the Scriptures, and are very easy to follow! We adhere to Jesus Christ’s Biblical instructions to teach and feed the flock of God portions of meat in due season, on weekly Sabbaths, and on the seven annual Holy Days throughout each calendar year (Luke 12:42 / Isaiah 28:9-10 / Matthew 13:52). Using both the Old and New Testaments, our Bible Studies are designed to present a premise, make a statement, or ask a question – followed by one or more Scriptural references. Just look up and read from your Bible the Scriptures listed. Comments following questions elaborate on the Scriptures you just read. Pray always before beginning any study of God’s Word, asking God to open both your eyes and your mind to His Truth; then Prove everything you read, is in fact the Truth, by comparing it to The Word of God (1 Thessalonians 5:21 / 2 Timothy 3:15-17). Then use the Biblical System of Checks and Balances, and SEE if both Jesus Christ, and the First Century Church of God Apostles – also Did, Said, and Taught these SAME THINGS (Galatians 1:1-12, 5:25 / 1 Peter 2:21, 25 / 1 John 2:3-6)! That’s all there is to it! Our Bible Studies are based on the King James Version, unless otherwise stated. We will be praying for your eyes to “see” (Matthew 13:11-17); and we are always available to answer any of your questions! Be Blessed, in Jesus’ Name! - One Nation Under God Ministries (

Before we start today, let us again open up our Bibles and ask God to Guide us in the Understanding of His Truth: to Show us, and Teach us, ALL the Things God The Father has Given to Jesus To Know (John 16:13-15). If you have read our Spring Cleaning Bible Study, and Parts 1 and 2 of this Study; By now you should be Absolutely Convinced that Passover is a God Thing!!!

Passover looks back on the Mighty Hand of God Delivering His people from Egypt, and from their sins!!! Passover also was Instituted by Christ, as an Annual Memorial of The Sacrifice of The Lamb of God; for us to Celebrate and Part-Take of Him, throughout our generations UNTIL The Second Coming of Jesus Christ!!! Most importantly, Passover points us, each year on a day Chosen By God (and NOT by man), to The Total Fulfillment of The Kingdom of God on this earth!!!


Passover: A Strange Name For An Even Stranger Holy Day!

Each year we partake of the Spiritual Meat of Passover, in Due Season; because Jesus has Told us DO exactly that (Matthew 24:42-51 / Psalm 104:27-28, 145:14-21)!!! When Jesus Christ Returns to this earth, He is going to tell HALF of those who are currently betrothed to marry Him, that He doesn’t KNOW them (Matthew 25:12-13)!!! That is exactly why MOST of this world, now under Satan’s direct control, will reject the Passover until Christ reinstitutes it again – worldwide – in the World Tomorrow (Isaiah 66:23-24)! And NOT just Passover; Jesus Will Command that The Whole World Keep and Observe ALL of His NEVER-ENDING Holy Days, Once Again!!!

If we know now, only because God the Father has told us so; that half of The Church of God is NOT going to be invited in to the marriage supper of The Lamb, wouldn’t YOU want to know what it is that separates the Wise Virgins from the unwise virgins? I’d like to know (Matthew 25:1-13)!!!


God wants us to call upon Him in Truth, and He will feed us both physical and spiritual food (Matthew 4:4 / Luke 4:4 / Deuteronomy 8:3 / Revelation 7:13-17)! Do you see how Passover shows us that God intends to redeem the whole world to Him? Can you begin to understand God’s Plan, that He intends for the Body of Christ to “eat” the Word of God; which is the Bread that if a man shall eat, he will not die (John 6:49-51, 3:36)? Believing in Christ or rejecting Him and remaining in God’s Wrath, both depend on whether or not you accept or reject Christ’s Passover! Most churches today won’t teach these things to you; they will distract you from this Truth by having you participate in a Resurrection Day Service, or Easter egg hunts, and other such things instead!


Christians today should remember that Jesus Christ personally appeared to King Solomon to tell him NOT to celebrate Christmas (Molech) and Easter (Ashtoreth)! After Solomon refused to stop these false worship practices; Jesus Christ then took away the kingdom of Israel from him precisely because of it (1 Kings 11:1-11, 14:7-16)!!!

The Unwise Virgins:

What is this "oil" that the foolish virgins lack? How are they supposed to acquire it? How does Jesus expect us to "watch" for His Second Coming? Another clue to "Knowing" if we really "Know" Jesus; is found in Luke 13:22-30. Notice first the question asked of Jesus:

"Then said one unto Him, Lord, are there FEW that be saved?" (Luke 13:23).

Why don't the mainstream churches teach us that this Question was asked and answered by Jesus? Why do the churches today give us the OPPOSITE answer, than what Jesus actually said?

The answer is, that "many", or the majority (most) of the Christ Followers will NOT be Saved at the Return of Christ!!!

“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is The Way, which leadeth unto LIFE, and FEW there be that find it!!!” (Matthew 7:14).

“But He shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from Me, all Ye workers of iniquity (lawlessness)!!! There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the Kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out!!! And they shall come from the east, and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit down in the Kingdom of God!!!” (Luke 13:27-29).

Have you ever asked yourself why Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and ALL the Old Testament prophets make it into the Kingdom of God; and MOST New Testament Christians DON’T? What did these folks (including Jesus) do back then, that most Christians are no longer doing today?

Could it be that today, most Christians don't observe Sabbath, the Holy Days; nor will they be keeping The Lord's Passover, after sundown, Thursday, 29 March 2018? YES! That’s it! Because Jesus Christ Says So (John 13:12-17 / Luke 6:46)!!!


Jesus Christ was the God of the Old Testament, Who befriended Moses and Directed his steps (1 Corinthians 10:1-4)! Jesus Christ tells us that we can KNOW (not speculate, assume, or believe) that we are in fact Set Apart as Holy to Him; IF we keep His Sabbaths (Weekly and Annual)! Read it for yourself; Jesus even wrote this in STONE with His Very Own Finger, so we couldn't and wouldn't Miss It (Exodus 20:8-11, 31:12-18 / Leviticus 23:1-44)!!!

Jesus Christ tells us according to His Word, that at His Return; only A FEW scattered folds of sheep will be faithfully keeping His weekly Sabbaths and His Annual Holy Days - just like He Always kept them (John 10:1-6, 16)!!! And IF we don't keep the first Holy Day on His yearly calendar, or the Passover (the only Holy Day so important to God, that it comes with a makeup date! Numbers 9:1-14); we will have NO PART with Him at His Return (Matthew 16:27 / Job 34:11 / Romans 2:1-11 / Revelation 22:10-14)!!!

“Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink His blood, ye have NO Life in you!!! Whoso eateth My flesh, and drinketh My blood, hath Eternal Life; and I will raise him up at The Last Day (or in The First Resurrection)!!! For My flesh is meat indeed, and My blood is drink indeed! He that eateth My flesh, and drinketh My blood, dwelleth in Me, and I in him!!! As the Living Father hath sent Me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by Me!!! This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead: he that eateth of this Bread shall LIVE For Ever!!!” (John 6:53-58)!!!

According to the Bible and according to God's Calendar, The LORD's Passover will come at sundown, Thursday, 29 March 2018, wherever you live on God’s earth! I hope you will be Keeping it just like Jesus Christ Taught us to DO (1 John 2:3-6 / Luke 6:46)!!!


On the night of His betrayal, Jesus kept His Passover with His Disciples! He gave them the New Testament in His Body and in His Blood!

“For this is My blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins!!!” (Matthew 26:28).

“And Jesus said unto them, I am the Bread of Life: he that cometh to Me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on Me shall never thirst!” (John 6:35).

Jesus told us to keep this night as an annual Memorial of His death until He Comes again (Luke 22:19)! Paul and the other Apostles continued to do so!!!

“For as often as (or each time that) ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord's death till He come!” (1 Corinthians 11:26). This is an ANNUAL MEMORIAL!!!

Then Jesus taught His Followers to Wash one another's feet on this very SAME night! This was something that when Peter first heard about it, he initially refused to do!

“Peter saith unto Him, Thou shalt never wash my feet! Jesus answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast NO part with Me!!!” (John 13:8).

“So after He had washed their feet, and had taken His garments, and was set down again, He said unto them, Know ye what I have done to you? Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am!!! If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another's feet!!! For I have given you an Example, that ye should do as I have done to you!!! Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than his Lord; neither He that is sent greater than He that sent Him. If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye DO them!!!” (John 13:12-17).

I grew up in a Christian church that never taught me to Copy the Example of Christ, as these Scriptures clearly show us to DO! For me, it was the Lord's Chastening Voice that brought me back to a Right Relationship with Him! Can YOU not hear His Voice, Calling YOU to Fellowship With Him (John 10:4-6)?

“And why call ye Me, Lord, Lord, and do not the Things which I say?” (Luke 6:46).

The Holy Days are, according to New Testament Scriptures written AFTER the RESURRECTION of Christ; a shadow of things YET TO COME! Only the Body of Christ, or the Church of God, which keeps God’s Holy Days; is qualified to judge people in regards t Christ’s Commands (Colossians 2:16-17)!!! Isaiah 66:23-24 and Zechariah 14:16-19 show us post Second Coming Mandates by Jesus, that ALL the world will keep His Holy Days when He becomes King of the earth!!!

1 Corinthians 5:7-8 is a New Testament Scripture which commands us to keep Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread in the New Testament Church of God; and 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 shows us Paul, teaching Pagan converts to Christianity, How to keep the Passover – years AFTER THE RESURRCTION – on the very SAME NIGHT as Jesus Christ taught us to keep it!!!

Hebrews 12:6 / Revelation 3:12, 19!!!

I had no answer to reply with! I repented and returned to God to seek His Forgiveness in Jesus Christ's Name; Whom I would now Follow, Copy, and Emulate as The Author of my Salvation!!!

How About YOU?

Won't you go to and read and PROVE The TRUTHS (John 17:17) in our 3 Part Bible Study on The Lord's Passover? It's not too late for YOU to KNOW How to become a Wise Virgin, Sanctified before Christ this year - and to Stay That Way too! It's not too late for you to learn to keep Passover this year, When and How Jesus Christ instructed us to!!!


“And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues!!!” (Revelation 18:4)

“For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed! Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from Mine Ordinances, and have NOT kept them. Return unto Me, and I will Return unto you, saith The LORD of Hosts!!!” (Malachi 3:6-7).

Passover is The ONLY Way back to a restored relationship with both God and His Son!!! That's Why Jesus Christ is going to Teach people how to measure time His Way at His Second Coming; and that is Why Jesus Christ will again Teach the whole world to Observe the Sabbath and the Holy Days again (Isaiah 66:23-24 / Zechariah 14:16-19)!!! Praise God!!!

Water and Blood!!!

Do you recall reading that when they pierced Christ side with a spear, that water and blood gushed out (John 19:34-37)? They pierced the Rock (Petra), The Christ; and the fountain was opened and living waters flowed (1 Corinthians 10:1-4 / Zechariah 14:4, 8-9 / John 7:37-39)! Jesus intends to teach us during His Passover, that we may now be reconciled to God by the washing of our sins in The Lamb’s Blood; that we can eat His Body (which symbolizes the Word of God), and that we can drink His Blood (which symbolizes The Spirit of God – also pictured as living water), or receive the Holy Spirit at Baptism; which will be poured out on all flesh at the Second Resurrection (pictured by The Last Great Day of the Feast: John 7:37 / Ezekiel 37:13-14 / John 1:11-13)!!!

You receive Christ at Baptism, and renew that commitment by keeping The LORD’s Passover every year thereafter! You consume the Word of God (bread), and the Blood of Christ (wine); just as the life of the body is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11, 14), so the life of a spiritual being is in the Spirit of God (John 6:63 / Romans 8:1-39). Then we wash each other’s feet, in a humble act of servitude; as we go on to perfection (John 13:10)! Passover is not only a God Thing, it is a Jesus Thing! It was given to us, by the very person of Jesus, by our Savior; as a Way to Serve, Honor, and Remember Him until He returns to make us His own!!!

Let us also consider some Biblical Prophecies which were fulfilled by Jesus, on The LORD’s Passover (kept on the 14th of Aviv; and not on the 15th - which the Jews who built the second temple called “their” Passover, or Jewish Passover); and it came to pass that:

1) They cast lots for Christ’s garments (John 19:23-24); which was a Passover fulfillment of Psalm 22:18!

2) Jesus legs were not broken (John 19:33, 36); which was another fulfillment of the Passover Lamb in Exodus 12:46!

3) Christ’s side was pierced with a spear (John 19:34, 37); which happened on Passover and fulfilled Zechariah 12:10!

4) Blood and Water gushed out of Christ’s side (John 19:34); which was a Passover fulfillment of Jesus’ own previous Words in John 2:19-22!

It is also extremely interesting (at least I think so!), that as Christ faced eastward on the cross; His Blood and water flowed out toward the Kidron Valley or Brook (a valley that is normally dry until the spring or Passover rains come). From the temple mount, as they killed the Passover lambs at the same time Jesus died (3:00 pm); thousands of gallons of lamb’s blood (Leviticus 1:11, 13, 4:7, 18, 25, 30, 34) were being flushed through the temple’s drainage system into the Kidron Valley by water being poured on the blood by the temple priests (2 Chronicles 4:6)!!!

John is the only person to mention the brook Kidron in the New Testament (called “Cedron” in the KJV), which looks on the Mount of Olives (John 18:1-4). This is important because the valley or brook would have been irrigated with the blood of lambs at this time of year. John is the only Apostle to record John the Baptist’s words calling Christ, “The Lamb of God” (John 1:29); and John is the only one to write about the “living waters” that flowed from Christ at the crucifixion, were a mixture of “water and blood”, just like that which flowed from the temple mount (John 19:34); because John correctly understood the relationship Christ made between the physical temple and that of His fleshly body being the temple of the Holy Spirit (John 2:19-22)! Today we no longer sacrifice lambs on Passover in the temple; we now part take of the Lamb in our temples (bodies), as instructed to by Jesus!!!

God wants us to assemble before Him on His Holy Days, to Praise and Bless His Holy Name forever and ever (which is actually a shadow of, or a prelude to, us gathering before the Throne of The Father and The Throne of The Lamb, when God The Father returns to this earth (Revelation 21:1-8)!

Going Over The Passover:

Now the name Passover may sound strange to some, but it should not to us! It doesn’t belong to the Jews, nor should it be associated with the human created holidays of Chanukah or Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year). Passover comes from God as a Gift to all mankind; as does Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets (the real God given name for what the Jews now call Rosh Hashanah). It is A Holy Day of the Most High, and is full of Blessings, Cleansing, and Life for those who know When to keep it, How to keep it, and Why to keep it! There is no other religious ceremony in the whole world, which has a more bizarre or more traumatic circumstance of origin, than the LORD’S Passover does! But then again, NOTHING in this world has The Power of Promise (1 John 2:25) like those who are ordained by Jesus Christ to eat His Flesh, and to drink His Blood, on the Night to Be Much Observed (John 6:47-59)!!!

The Passover Holy Day which we will soon keep, was born in Ancient Egypt. But its history of Deliverance and Blessing goes back much further to the time of Abraham; and beyond to the Garden of Eden (Genesis 4:1-7 / 2 Peter 2:5 / Genesis 14:14-20, 12:1-8 / Exodus 12:40-43 / Hebrews 5:6, 10, 7:1-4). The Passover that we keep on the 14th of Aviv, IF WE KEEP IT; goes back even further, and reveals to us that Jesus was ordained to be our Passover Lamb – even before the world was even made (1 Peter 1:18-22 / John 13:10). Passover is a cleansing by both Blood and Water!!!

Those who are OBEDIENT to the God, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and keep The LORD’S Passover; they know God will also raise them from the dead, having purified their souls through unfeigned love, and that they too will be born again as spirit beings at the return of Christ (1 Peter 1:21-25 / Hebrews 11:39-40)! Those who obediently keep the LORD’s Passover each year, PREACH the Gospel and the Lord’s death until He comes again (1 Corinthians 11:23-28)!!! This ceremony has to happen on the 14th day of the new month (29 March 2018 at sundown) – NOT on the 15th as the Jews will do this year (on Friday evening, 30 March 2018 – A DAY TOO LATE)!!!

Every year around this time, I always get a few e-mails and letters from people who tell me I am “a Legalist”, and that my keeping Passover is hiding the fact that Jesus called us to freedom from The Law! Really? Keeping the LORD’s Passover is about as legalistic, as a Vietnam Veteran’s commitment to visit his war buddy’s grave on the date each year that his friend died in battle to save the other! His friend’s dying words were honored; and so he solemnly travels to the graveside each year, and drinks a beer to his friend’s memory – out of brotherly love – for the sacrifice his friend made on his behalf – until he meets his friend again! A deep Honor and Respect is paid each year, at the memorial of his friend’s death. The soldier uses that date each year to recommit himself to the code of honor that they both lived by; a code that he is also prepared to die by! Is that legalism? No, it is simply an example of unfailing love (John 14:14-15); and so is Passover!!!

If you are preparing yourself to keep the LORD’s Passover this year; God chose YOU to come up in the First Resurrection, to inherit a Crown, to be Holy, and be among the first to obtain Eternal Life (Matthew 25:34 / Ephesians 1:4 / 2 Thessalonians 2:13 / 1 Peter 1:1-2)!!! There is NO GREATER opportunity set before men on this earth, than to be called to the Marriage Supper / The Passover Supper of the Lamb of God (Revelation 3:20-22, 22:14 / Galatians 3:26-29 / 1 John 3:1-3 / Hebrews 2:9-18)!!!

Prelude To The Passover: The Death of Joseph, Son of Jacob

The tremendous success and wealth enjoyed by Joseph and his brothers, who had come to Egypt about 1700 B.C., had prompted the majority of succeeding generations of Israelites to remain in Egypt (Genesis 45:10-11). There they basked in God’s Blessings, enjoying the prosperity of their labor and the favor of the Egyptian government. They resided principally in the land of Goshen, which comprised the eastern half of the Nile Delta. In the 144 years, following the death of Joseph, the population of the Israelites mushroomed to anywhere from two - three million people (estimating 600,000 men + 1 wife & 3 children each)! What had begun as merely a foreign labor force seeking opportunity; had gradually evolved, with God’s Hand, into an increasingly influential and powerful nation within a nation!

After 1500 B.C., a new Pharaoh rose to power in Egypt; his name was Pepi II, and unlike his predecessors, he was not nearly so inclined to show favor to the industrious and ambitious group of "foreigners." The memory of Joseph and his brilliant policies which had saved Egypt from economic and agricultural collapse, had now faded from the popular culture (Exodus 1:8 / Acts 7:18). Gradually, a bizarre and terrifying metamorphosis began to take place; the government of Egypt began to fear the possibility of a subversive group overthrowing Egypt through an Israelite alliance with her enemies. Pepi II initially implemented subtle steps to reduce the status and influence of the Hebrews. Exactly like Adolf Hitler did to European Jewry; the Israelites saw the well-being, harmony, and respect which they had always enjoyed from the time of Joseph (named “Zaphenath Paneah”, by the Pharaoh in Genesis 41:44-46) suddenly begin to deteriorate!



Israel Goes Into Bondage:

With the wave of Pepi II’s hand, the blessings bestowed by Vice Pharaoh Zaphenath Paneah, were gone; and the Israelites became "second-class" citizens in Egypt!!! Restrictions were imposed, privileges were diminished or even eliminated; and as a final step (the Pharaoh fearing the loss of this vast human labor pool, upon which the economy of Egypt was now heavily dependent), the Israelites were organized into a vast and tightly controlled labor force! This made their existence one just barely above complete slavery and total deprivation; and almost identical to what the 17 year old Joseph’s life was like, when he was first sold into slavery by his brothers!

But the Hand of God was upon Abraham’s seed! Even under this state of repression and semi-slavery; Israel continued to grow in great numbers, and in health. God was preparing Israel to become a nation of itself, and to fulfill the Promise he made to Abraham!!! Pharaoh now realized he had painted himself into a corner with his policies. An uprising by the now greatly dissatisfied Hebrew slaves was inevitable; and that would be more than his military forces could control. Fearing the worst, an uncontrolled rebellion from within; Pharaoh, like Hitler, instituted his own "final solution": All male babies were to be exterminated! It was history's first recorded policy of genocide. But God had also prepared a deliverer for His people; and God protected Moses from Satan’s attempt to thwart God’s Plan (Exodus 2:1-10)!

The Night Of The First Exodus Passover: Sundown, the 14th day of Aviv, in the year 1487 B.C.

From out of the living waters of the Nile River, The LORD raised up “Moses” to fulfill the promise He made with Abraham 430 years previously (Galatians 3:17)! The LORD’s Passover is a Jesus Thing, and it is intended for the New Testament Church of God to keep and to celebrate until Our LORD Jesus Christ Returns!!!




Biblical Timeline showing dates from God’s Promise to Abraham, until the Exodus from Egypt (Deuteronomy 26:8).

Patriarch: Age



Years from Promise

Years to Exodus

Abraham: 75

God makes the promise to Abraham and he leaves Haran.

Genesis 12:1–4



Abraham: 75-85

God tells Abraham his descendants “will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and will be servants there and they will be afflicted for 400 years.”

Genesis 15:13;
Acts 7:6



Abraham: 85

Abraham has lived in Canaan for 10 years and takes Hagar as his wife and she conceives Ishmael.

Genesis 16:3–4



Abraham: 86

Ishmael is born.

Genesis 16:15–16



Abraham: 100
Ishmael: 14

Isaac is born.

Genesis 21:5



Abraham: 105
Isaac: 5
Ishmael: 19

Isaac is weaned and Ishmael mocks/persecutes Isaac (Genesis 15:13 /Acts 7:6)

Genesis 21:8–9;
Galatians 4:29



Abraham: 140
Isaac: 40

Isaac marries Rebekah.

Genesis 24:1–67; 25:20



Abraham: 160
Isaac: 60

Esau and Jacob are born.

Genesis 25:26



Abraham: 175
Isaac: 75
Jacob: 15

Abraham dies.

Genesis 25:7



Isaac: 151
Jacob: 91

Joseph is born.

Genesis 30:22-25



Isaac: 168
Jacob: 108
Joseph: 17

Joseph is sold by his brothers and taken to Egypt.

Genesis 37



Isaac: 180
Jacob: 120
Joseph: 29

Isaac dies.

Genesis 35: 28–29



Jacob: 121
Joseph: 30

Joseph is made second in command by Pharaoh.

Genesis 41:46



Jacob: 130
Joseph: 39

Joseph reveals himself to his brothers two years into the famine with five years left.
Jacob meets Pharaoh.

Genesis 45:4–6
Genesis 47:9



Jacob: 147
Joseph: 56

Jacob dies.

Genesis 47:28–49:33



Joseph: 110

Joseph dies.

Genesis 50:26




Only 64 years pass from the time Joseph dies to when Moses is born.

Exodus 6:16–20



Moses: 3 months

Moses is placed in a basket and adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter.

Exodus 2



Moses: 80

Moses and Aaron speak to Pharaoh beginning the exodus from Egypt.

Exodus 7:7;
Exodus 12:40–41;
Galatians 3:16–17



Biblical Timeline showing dates from God’s Promise to Abraham, until the Exodus from Egypt (Deuteronomy 26:8).

This chart is based on work by Henry Ainsworth, a British theologian from the early 1600s, who showed that 400 years of Israel’s affliction began when Ismael, son of Hager the Egyptian, first mocked and persecuted Isaac, at age 5 (Genesis 15:13 / Acts 7:6 / Genesis 21:9 / Galatians 4:28-31).

Passover: It Is Much More Than Just A Ceremony!

The Passover is much more than just a simple ceremony; it tells you how to become a Christian! It is God's first "installment" (Holy Day) in Christ’s Salvation Story. That is why it is called, “The LORD’s Passover (Leviticus 23:5 / 1 Corinthians 10:1-4)!!!

Notice again the circumstances. The Israelites were enslaved in an alien land - Egypt. They were subject to its influence, its corruption, its pagan polytheistic religion. In fact, God calls Egypt a type of sin. If it was wrong or immoral, chances are you could find it in Cairo, Rameses, or Succoth!

Now, what about you? Are you a member of our modem, twenty-first-century society? Where do you find yourself lately? Enslaved, right? You bet you are! We all are. To society, to our passions, to our desires; or to “The System"!!! Today, our "cruel taskmasters" are indeed a bit more subtle, and often appealing, than they were to the Israelites 3500 years ago; but they are every bit as real! Very few of us indeed can claim to be the masters of our own destiny. Looking back, usually we find our lot in life has been determined capriciously, whimsically; by chance! But that should all change when Christ chooses us and calls us to the Passover Supper – a precursor the Wedding Supper (John 15:16 / Proverbs 3:1-12 / Revelation 3:20-22)!!! Did YOU just hear what Jesus just said again to us in the Church of God?

You, just like the Israelites, were more than likely born into your level of society. You, as were they, had nothing to do with it; but with minor exceptions, there is very little any of us seems to be able to do about it! It’s the “status quo”! Chance are pretty good that you are somewhat dissatisfied with your little "Egypt." You know, the assembly line, the rat race, 9-5, the monotony; the lack of challenge, and a sense of purpose in your life! Maybe a shaky marriage, unfulfilled hopes, plans, dreams and ambitions? There is a real reason suicide is the way out for so many today!

If any generation has ever echoed the words of Henry David Thoreau, that: "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation"; it is our generation today!!!

It can seem to the average person that some unknown force has set up roadblocks at every avenue of their life! A curse? Yes, to one degree or another, we are all trapped! You are, as respectable as your current state may be; you are all virtual slaves, to a twenty-first century Egypt!

Some would do anything to get out respectably; for many in our decaying society, a convenient "exodus" would be refreshing – if we knew how to make such a thing happen! An escape into the "wilderness" to redirect and reestablish our misguided priorities would be welcomed! Even a simple vacation from our lot in life, just to ponder and muse our existence would be a Godsend!  

Can An Ancient God Still Be Relevant In Our Modern Society?

Why did God establish the Passover ceremony to be commemorated for all time by His followers (Exodus 13:3, 9)? Contrast that with the mark of the beast in Revelation 20:4!!!   God enjoins Christians to keep the Passover so we may remember that He is our Lawgiver and Creator and Deliverer (Isaiah 33:22). Passover is A Sign of God (Exodus 31:12-18)!!!

The New Testament contains almost as many references to the Passover as the Old!!! Luke 2:41 shows us that Christ, then still with His parents, kept the Passover! Several long chapters in the Gospels (that we will read in the coming week) are devoted to the events surrounding the institution of the New Testament Passover (2 Timothy 3:15-17)!!! There is so much more to the story of the Passover! The parallels, and lessons, which God intends for us to draw are almost unending: The blood of a young lamb splattered on the doorpost - foreshadowing the sacrifice of Christ, the flight out of Egypt - showing we as Christians must take action, that we must initiate our own "exodus" from sin; the pursuit by Pharaoh and his armies - signifying that Christians are indeed pursued by a very real and active spiritual force, the devil and his legions; the crossing through the Red Sea - the baptism of the Israelites, foreshadowing the rite which Christ would command of all Christians upon their flight from sin! Passover will exist as long as CHRIST is KING of kings, and LORD of lords!!! So says Jesus (Matthew 5:17-20)!

I challenge you today to “Think”! I challenge you today to no longer conform to a system that enslaves and deceives! I challenge you to make your own “exodus” from this world that lives in opposition to the Word of God! I challenge you to conform to the Way, The Truth, and The Life which will bring you Peace, Blessings, Joy, Purpose, and Hope (John 14:6 / Acts 18:26; 19:9, 23)!!! You can begin a new life in Christ; if you come out of your own "Egypt", and learn to walk as Jesus did!

Counting Time God’s Way!!!

The Days of Unleavened Bread: which begin immediately after the Passover, on the 15th day of Aviv; represent the second phase of God’s Salvation Plan. After we are “Justified” by the Blood of Christ at Passover; God then “Sanctifies” us, or sets us apart and considers us Holy to Him! Although God has now set us apart for Holy use; our sinful human nature is still very much present inside us, and it resists and slows down the process of our conversion to holiness. God uses analogies: like leaving Egypt, and also sin as “leaven” (which puffs up), and His Command for us to only eat unleavened breads with our meals, for seven days; so we have a whole week every year to focus and remind us that it will take TIME and EFFORT on our part, to become what God intends for us to be!!! But, Praise God, Our Father is a “Hands On” God; and HE has assigned Christ to the job of finishing and perfecting our Salvation (Hebrews 2:6-18, 5:7-10, 12:1-3). Keeping God’s Holy Feast Days and Sabbaths each year, helps us grow with Christ’s guidance; into mature sons of The Living God (Hebrews 5:11-14), soon to be born again!

You CAN’T SEE Something YOU can’t SEE!

Modern day sky watchers, like N.A.S.A. and many religious experts today, want you to believe a black, unobservable moon, is actually a new moon! Nonsense! We can see a moon beginning its phases at the first sliver of light, then growing stronger! As we approach the 15th day of each month, every moon is “FULL” as it was during the Exodus Passover – to produce maximum light for their travel out of Egypt! Then the moon waxes old; it diminishes in light until it “goes away” or you can’t see it anymore! This is God’s 30 day Lunar Cycle! A new moon begins when we can actually observe a sliver of light up in the night sky! This is how it has been since Day 4 of Creation week (Genesis 1:14-19)!                             

(Passover is observed this year at Sundown, Thursday, 29 March 2018. The Days of Unleavened Bread begin at sundown, Friday, 30 March, this year, and end at sundown on Friday, 06 April 2018. The first and the last days of this feast are Holy Days to God and to us)!!! Use the chart below and count your days; PROVE God’s TRUTH for yourself!!!                          


The above chart shows the phases in a Biblical 30 day month. The last day of the month is not shown, as it is simply an old moon and we cannot see any light reflecting from it! Satan continues to do the opposite of what God’s Word says; and so today we call the opposite of a full moon (a completely dark moon), a “new moon” – but according to the Bible it is not! God’s years begin in Spring - not Winter; and God’s “New Moon” (and months) begin when the first visible sliver is observed by the human eye (Genesis 1:14-19 / Luke 6:46).

For more information on how The Creator God keeps time, please go to and read:

BIBLE STUDY: How Does God Measure Time?

The Passover Rift:

Let’s now examine a little more closely why there is a split among Jews, Messianic Jews, and even Christians who keep still keep the Passover; some on the 14th of day of Aviv, and some on the 15th day. What does the Bible really say about when we are to keep this Holy Day of God?

If we are listening to the voice of Jesus, we will see He showed His Disciples (and us today) how to avoid any confusion on this issue (John 10:4-5)!                             

Aviv / Nisan 14

Aviv / Nisan 15





Lamb slain (after 6 p.m.)

Supper eaten that night.

Firstborn of Israel passed over.

Remain in houses until morning.

Gather their flocks and their herds and (all 2-3 million of them) travel from Goshen to Rameses.

Spoil the Egyptians.

Leave Egypt from Rameses on 15th.

Leave Egypt by night.

The Exodus begins!

This approach accounts for all the mentioned Scriptures (see below) and does so without any conflict.

Scripture really works!


When we graph out the events in Scripture, as we have above; we can see there is no conflict between leaving Egypt on the night of the 15th, and staying in the house until the morning on the night they eat the Passover meal (the 14th), because the two events take place on two separate days; the meal (and remaining in the house) on the 14th, and leaving Egypt on the night of the 15th!

Because Israel could not have been in two places at the same time (both in their houses while simultaneously leaving Egypt) on the night of the 15th, it seems that the question as to what night the Passover meal was eaten simply answers itself. Let’s get into some Scripture so we can see and prove that Jesus absolutely showed His Disciples which night was the correct night to partake of the LORD’s Passover!

Those who keep His Holy Days are sanctified / set apart and marked with the Sign or God (Exodus 31:13 / Ezekiel 20:12)! Passover is the first of God’s annual Holy Days which His people always keep each year in obedience to Jesus Christ.

- God always knows who He has called out of this world to follow Him; God wrote our names in His Book of Life before He laid the foundations of the earth (Psalm 139:16 / Revelation 13:18). God doesn’t need us to wear a “Jesus” patch so he can recognize us.

- God gave “us” these annual Sabbaths or Holy Days, so that throughout our generations; “WE” would know that the LORD sanctifies us (or sets us apart from the world as holy). We can think we are in good standing in the eyes of God because we do the things we think we should; but if we really want to know that we are set apart as holy to God, we will obediently accept God’s gift of His Holy Days, and keep them according to the very Words of Jesus Christ (Ezekiel 20:12 / 1 Corinthians 10:4 / John 14:15-17)!!!

Although many of those who practice Judaism recognize the seventh day weekly Sabbath, as God’s day of rest; most educated Jews will also admit that Babylonian influences have crept into their worship practices, and changing the Holy Day of Passover - from the original day on which God commanded that it be kept – to a totally different day! Remarkable as that may seem!

Book: The Encyclopedia Judaica:          

Originally published between the years, 1901-1906, it is considered the definitive source by many on Jewish life, culture, religion, and history; the standard work on Judaism.

The Encyclopedia Judaica states:

“The feast of Passover consists of two parts: The Passover ceremony and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Originally both parts existed separately; but at the beginning of the Exile they were combined” (Encyclopedia Judaica, Volume 13, page 170).

Wow! What an admission!  Consider the Biblical account of the Nation of Israel angering God by turning from His Ways (2 Kings 17:1-41). They did not repent, even in captivity, so God allowed the Babylonian system of measuring times, days, and seasons to become part of their reasoning… even to this very day!!!

Let’s read God’s plain instructions in Leviticus 23:5-7. God intended for the Passover to consist of two separate festivals (one on the 14th [Passover], the other on the 15th of Aviv [The Feast of Unleavened Bread]), each with common purposes, and they were to be kept on two separate, but consecutive days (Exodus 12:41-42, 13:3, 10, 34:18 / Deuteronomy 16:1-8)! This changed after the Babylonian exile. The Jews combined two separate Holy Days, into one festival (now kept on the 15th at sundown).

This change was NOT ordained by God! (See John 19:31, the Jews were still confused about this on the day of Christ’s crucifixion; not knowing the 14th was actually the Passover day!). Jesus knew which day was the correct day!!! He made sure He kept the Passover Holy Day which He ordained, on the 14th of Aviv (Wednesday), as the scriptures said (Luke 22:1-20). John 19:31 shows us the Jews were more concerned with keeping a combined Passover on the 15th day of Aviv (Thursday, at sundown – which was correctly to have been the First Day of Unleavened Bread – NOT the combined holy day the exiled Jews from Babylon concocted and were keeping [Deuteronomy 12:32]). But God used Satan’s confusion in the minds of men for His Glory! Our Heavenly Father made sure His Son, our Passover Lamb (John 1:29), was crucified for our sins on the Passover (Luke 22:14-16)! This is something the Jews never would have done, if they still recognized the 14th day of Aviv as a Holy Day! God is so Great, that His purposes will ALWAYS outlive and outlast the plans of any fallen angel; even Satan the former light bringer!

The Definition of Confusion:                 

- Let’s take a Holy Day God gave to His people (the Passover);

- add Babylonian induced, Jewish confusion that combined two separate Holy Days (Passover & The Feast of Unleavened Bread) into one combined Holy Day;

– then let us have ancient Jewish leaders decide to keep this combined Holy Day - on the wrong day (the 15th of Aviv instead of the 14th);

- Let’s even change the name of Aviv (what God called the first month in His calendar) to the Babylonian name Nissan / Nisan for the same month;

- Let a few centuries go by, then add the Roman pagan practices of Good Friday and Easter Sunday in opposition to Matthew 12:38-40 (three full days and three full nights in the grave);

- allow unstable ministers to twist God’s Word by conceiving a concept that Jesus DID NOT MEAN WHAT HE SAID, and dupe people into believing Christ mean only three “parts” of a day or a night (ie: two nights and one day) (2 Peter 3:14-18 / John 11:9 / Genesis 1:1-5, 14-19).

- replace the name Passover with the pagan goddess’s name Easter / Ishtar (Deuteronomy 12:3);

- allow the pagan Council of Nicaea (325 A.D.) to establish the date of Easter, in pagan societies, as the first Sunday after the Passover (Paschal) Full Moon;

- then add lots of rabbits, colorful eggs, jelly beans, and an early morning sunrise service to what was supposed to be an after sunset activity… and you can begin to see why the world today is so confused about a Holy Day, that God himself commanded us to keep throughout our generations, forever (John 15:5)!

Satan has done an outstanding job of totally confusing almost everybody! That is why Jesus set us an excellent example, Praise God, of exactly how we can un-do and fix this mess!!! All we have to do is, “Do What Jesus Did” (John 13:15 / Proverbs 3:1-16).

Arriving At A Biblically Proven And Correct Conclusion:

If we want to correctly understand what the Bible says about the timing the original Passover meal, the Exodus from Egypt, and if we really want to emulate the Passover example that Jesus set for His disciples - and for you and I today; we must review the Scriptures that bear directly on these events.


- The lamb was killed on the 14th of Aviv (Exodus 12:6)

- The lamb’s blood was put on doorposts that night (Exodus 12:7)

- Passover supper was eaten the night of the 14th (Exodus 12:8-10)

- The firstborn of Israel Passed Over & firstborn of Egypt is slain at midnight on the 14th (days are sundown to sundown) (Exodus 12:29)

- After eating the Passover meal, Israel was commanded to stay inside their houses until morning of the 14th (Exodus 12:21-22)

- Israel is instructed to “borrow” from Egyptians on the day of the 14th (Exodus 11:2)

- Israel takes spoils from Egyptians (Exodus 12:33-36)

- Israel leaves Egypt with their flocks & herds (Exodus 12:32)

- Israel departs from Egypt with 600,000 men, giving a total estimated population of about two – three million (Exodus 12:37)

- Israel leaves Egyptian on the night of the 15th after sunset (Deuteronomy 16:1)

- Israel left Egypt from Rameses on the 15th, “the morrow after the Passover” (Exodus 12:37 / Numbers 33:3)

- Israel did as God commanded (Exodus 12:28, 35, 50)!!!

From these Scriptures we can clearly see that the original Passover meal had to be eaten on the 14th, not the 15th. Also, Jesus was dead and buried on the 15th. He had to have eaten the Passover meal with His Disciples on the 14th of Aviv, after sundown, as the Scriptures clearly show us!

God’s days begin at sunset (evening), not at midnight as the Roman custom was. Sunrise (morning) is only a continuation of a Biblical day, from sunset of the previous evening. Now that we know Biblical days start at sunset, let us look again at the events of the Passover, in sequential order:

The Passover supper was eaten on the 14th of Aviv

Aviv 14 / Nisan 14 (Evening):

- Lamb slain after 6 p.m.

- Supper eaten that night

- Firstborn of Israel passed over

- Remain in house until morning

Aviv 14 / Nisan 14 (Morning):

- Gather their flocks & herds

- 2-3 Million travel from Goshen to Rameses


Aviv 15 / Nisan 15 (Evening):

- Leave Egypt from Rameses on the 15th

- Leave Egypt by night

Aviv 15 / Nisan 15 (Morning):

- The Exodus begins! This approach accounts for all the previously mentioned Scriptures, and does so without any conflict!

- Scripture actually works perfectly when you remove all the religious traditions hindering your understanding!

Reading the Bible as it was written (Isaiah 28:9-10), we see there is no conflict between having Israel eat the Passover meal on the evening of the 14th, stay in their houses afterwards until the morning of the 14th; and having them leave Egypt on the night of the 15th !

The two events, happened on two separate days. Having Passover on the evening of 14th, and having Israel leave Egypt in the evening of the First Day of Unleavened Bread, 24 hours later on the 15th; gives them plenty of time to plunder the Egyptians, move 2-3 million people and their animals, and more importantly fulfill the Word of God exactly as God said (Leviticus 23:4-8)!

Now YOU Know:

1) On the first Passover, the lamb was slain after sunset on Aviv /Nisan 14, and the Passover supper was also eaten that same night.

2) At some point in time between the first Passover and The Lord’s Passover with His Disciples, the Jewish practice changed and the lamb was slain about 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon of Aviv / Nisan 14, while the Passover supper was incorrectly eaten on the evening of the 15th!

3) On Aviv / Nisan 14, Jesus corrected the Jews’ error; He and His disciples ate the “Last Supper” at God’s originally appointed time. Jesus called it, “the Passover”; so do we!

Passover was a Big Deal to Jesus; and it is a Big Deal for us too (Mark 14:12-15 / Luke 22:7-13)! Jesus kept it in a large, upper room of a mansion, fully furnished; a banquet hall large enough for 13 men and food servers to comfortably move about in! Where and how are you keeping the Passover this year?

Paul wrote this to New Testament Christians: "For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death till He comes. Therefore whoever eats this bread or drinks this cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord" (1 Corinthians 11:26-27). Paul was writing about the annual memorial of the death of Jesus Christ, which God commands His people to observe, at the proper time, and in the proper manner. Sadly, so few professing Christians really understand this today!

If you have not previously kept God's annual festivals, we invite you to fellowship with us, to read, study, and learn about the difference between pagan holidays and God's Holy Days! Many have not fully comprehended the significance of Paul's warning. Some, feeling they were not worthy of Jesus' sacrifice, have not taken the Passover. Others have taken the Passover in a casual or ritualistic manner. It's time we all understand!

Christ is going to come again very soon – we are not going to stop that from happening! My hope is that all of us here today, will be together on that day; so we can change from mortal to immortal together (1 Corinthians 15:51-58), and that we can all rise together to meet Christ in the clouds – in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:17-18)! In the twinkling of an eye, those of us who have prepared ourselves like the wise virgins, will put on Christ; we will put on eternal life, and we will embrace eternity with Jesus! What a glorious time that can be; if we repent now and are baptized! What a glorious time that will be; if we examine ourselves, and acknowledge when we are wrong, if we confess it, and if we are willing to change! Christ is going to continue to refine us, He is going to continue to show us our errors and our sins, until that day when He comes and we put on perfection!

Let’s close today our study today with 2 Corinthians 13:5. It’s not too late! You wouldn’t be here this afternoon if you were already a reprobate! A reprobate is a Biblically unprincipled person; one who rejects the faith and snuffs at Jesus invitation to join His Elect, and to come up in the First Resurrection, at His Return.

We all still sin, we all get a little off track sometimes. But you can get back on track; you can get back on track today! Don’t let today, this Sabbath Day, end without you getting back on track! Examine yourself before this Passover (1 Corinthians 11:28)!

And so, as the baptized sinners that we are, knowing our need for a Savior, and in the knowledge that we are cleansed before Christ; let us eat of that bread, and let us drink of that cup!

Examine yourself, and after you have; let us all take of the Passover! Then we will know that we are back on track again, walking with Christ, as we should be!!! Praise God!

“Let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of Sincerity and Truth” (1 Corinthians 5:8)!!!

In Jesus’ Redeeming Name, Peace! Amen!!!

I look forward to seeing you all this Thursday evening as we keep the LORD’s Passover!

- submitted by Pastor R.C. Brown

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