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John Tyler (1841-1845)

 Portrait, John Tyler


John Tyler

10th President of the United States
(April 6, 1841 to March 3, 1845)

Nicknames: "Accidental President"; "His Accidency"

Born: March 29, 1790, in Greenway, Virginia
Died: January 18, 1862, in Richmond, Virginia


Father: John Tyler
Mother: Mary Marot Armistead Tyler
Married: Letitia Chrisitan (1790-1842), on March 29, 1813; Julia Gardiner (1820-1889), on June 26, 1844
Children: Mary Tyler (1815-48); Robert Tyler (1816-77); John Tyler (1819-96); Letitia Tyler (1821-1907); Elizabeth Tyler (1823-50); Anne Contesse Tyler (1825); Alice Tyler (1827-54); Tazewell Tyler (1830-74); David Gardiner Tyler (1846-1927); John Alexander Tyler (1848-83); Julia Gardiner Tyler (1849-71); Lachlan Tyler (1851-1902); Lyon Gardiner Tyler (1853-1935); Robert Fitzwalter Tyler (1856-1927); Pearl Tyler (1860-1947)

Religion: Episcopalian
Education: Graduated from the College of William and Mary (1807)
Occupation: Lawyer
Political Party: Whig
Other Government Positions:

  • Member of Virginia House of Delegates, 1811-16
  • Member of U.S. House of Representatives, 1816-21
  • Virginia State Legislator, 1823-25
  • Governor of Virginia, 1825-26
  • United States Senator, 1827-36
  • Vice President, 1841 (under W. H. Harrison)
  • Member of Confederate States Congress, 1861-62

Presidential Salary: $25,000/year

Vice President: None


Secretary of State
Daniel Webster (1841-43)
Abel P. Upshur (1843-44)
John C. Calhoun (1844-45)
Secretary of the Treasury
Thomas Ewing (1841)
Walter Forward (1841-43)
John C. Spencer (1843-44)
George M. Bibb (1844-45)
Secretary of War
John Bell (1841)
John C. Spencer (1841-43)
James M. Porter (1843-44)
William Wilkins (1844-45)
Attorney General
John J. Crittenden (1841)
Hugh S. Legare (1841-43)
John Nelson (1843-45)
Postmaster General
Francis Granger (1841)
Charles A. Wickliffe (1841-45)
Secretary of the Navy
George E. Badger (1841)
Abel P. Upshur (1841-43)
David Henshaw (1843-44)
Thomas W. Gilmer (1844)
John Y. Mason (1844-45)

Notable Events:

  • 1841
    • Tyler's cabinet resigned after he vetoed banking bills supported by the Whigs.
  • 1844
    • Far East opened to U.S. traders after a treaty with China signed.
  • 1845
    • Texas annexed followed by war with Mexico.

Points of Interest:

  • Tyler was the first president whose wife died while he was in office.
  • Tyler was the only president to hold office in the Confederacy.
  • Five years after leaving office, Tyler was so poor he was unable to pay a bill for $1.25 until he had sold his corn crop.
  • The tradition of playing "Hail to the Chief" whenever a president appears at state functions was started by Tyler's second wife, Julia. For more on the origins of "Hail to the Chief," see C-SPAN's Vignette on The Origins Of "Hail To The Chief".