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Tax Day Tea Party

We survived the Tea Party today and it was great, tiring but great. We were slammed at our tent from 11:30 till 2:15. We met a lot of great people today and I was impressed with the signs and posters. People really do get it that this is not about a specific party or politician. The politicians have forgotten that they work for us, and need to represent us. But we are also to blame for not holding them responsible for their actions. It's time to clean out the deadwood and criminals by electing representatives that base their decisions on the Constitution and the laws handed down by God.

I realize that this was just the first step towards retaking the country. But my hope was that todays events will get the attention of Americans that feel powerless or disconnected and draws them to the next Tea Parties on Saturday July 4th. I Hope that we will also be able rally large numbers to march on the capitals in September.
We are planning to have a couple more rallies in the next two months and once the date and locations are selected we will post them on the site.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by our tent to say hi or buy tee shirts we appreciate everyone of you.
Please remember to pray for our organization and for our country the real change that our country needs starts with us.