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BIBLE STUDY: Holy Days or Holidays? Which Ones Do You Keep, And Why?

A trip to your local Hallmark Card store will give you a pretty good idea of what holidays, times, and seasons our modern society regards as important. Now let’s look at some Scriptures to see what days The Almighty Creator God regards as important. Are there any holidays that both God and our society hold in common?

BIBLE STUDY: The Gospel That Jesus Preached

Paul, an Apostle of Jesus, marveled that many Christians had so quickly turned away to follow other gospels, and to teachers who had perverted the original Gospel of Christ. His warning NOT to follow any other gospel but the one Jesus preached seems to have fallen on many deaf ears! Two thousand years later, how sure are you that we are still following the original Gospel that Jesus came to preach?

Rick Perry Leads America in Prayer

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VIDEO: T-Shirts Fit For A KING!

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VIDEO: Johnny Cash "Ragged Old Flag"

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VIDEO: The Battle Hymn Of The Republic

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VIDEO: This Land Is Your Land

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Article: Are You Running On Empty?

How far can you drive on empty?

Our Minds and our Bodies need regular replenishment of fuels to keep them going! They are very much like a car which needs gasoline or diesel fuel to operate. Those in the Body of Christ, given God's Holy Spirit at Baptism need to renew that Spirit on a regular basis, or like a fire which burns low; that Spirit can be extinguished and die.

1 Thessalonians 5:19 "Quench not the Spirit."

VIDEO: Remembering John Wayne & Proverbs 22:6

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VIDEO: Jesus is Lord... He Will Save Us!

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VIDEO: In God We Trust - One Nation Under God U.S.A.

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VIDEO: God's Truth - American Style!

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A Statement Of Faith And Of Our Beliefs: One Nation Under God U.S.A. Ministries

One Nation Under God U.S.A. Ministries (


One Nation Under God U.S.A. Ministries traces its origins, to the Church of God that Jesus Christ founded in the early first century (Matthew 16:18). We follow the same teachings, doctrines and practices established then. Our commission is to proclaim the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God, to the whole world, as a witness, and to teach all nations to observe what Christ commanded us to do (Matthew 28:18-20).

VIDEO: Called By My Name: 2 Chronicles 7:14 In Action!

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BIBLE STUDY: Are You Both A Hearer And A Doer of The Word?

Many people have recipes for the same dish, yet in tasting - one is better than the other. Many manufacturers make similar automobiles, yet some brands consistently outlast and outperform others. Many “Christians” say they follow Christ and read the same Bible, yet Jesus says “Many” of His followers won’t make the grade at His return! How it this possible, from a Savior who says, whosoever shall confess the name of Christ shall be saved (Matthew 10:32-33 / Romans 10:9)???

God Bless You?

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